Welcome to 10 Imaging

10 Imaging develops technology to bring awareness to everyday devices.

  • Creative concept

    Creative collaboration is the heart and start for any new design. Work with us to bring your concept into the design space.

  • interface design

    Create a story-board and UI design flow to get everyone on the same page.

  • strategy

    Establishing key performance requirements and metrics enables us to deliver concisely and precisely.

  • solution engineering

    Iterate and deliver on your solution and see it come to life.

Technology we offer

Our mission is to make cameras think

  • Mobile Vision

    Machine vision and intelligence in 1 watt

  • VR Panorama

    Smart capture fusion makes any snapshot a VR panorama

  • AR Video

    Rolling-shutter compensation with global stitch

  • ARX

    Real-time AR rendering for augmented reality user experiences

  • Ultra Dynamic Range

    Smart capture fusion makes any snapshot ultra high dynamic range

  • Peaking

    Smart Exposure, Focus and Semantic peaking for precisely controlled shots

  • Smart Camera

    The camera now knows what it sees to make a perfect picture everytime

  • Smart Sensor Fusion

    The camera integrates motion to make a perfect picture everytime

  • AR Radar Imaging

    Making path-finding and navigation easy

  • AR Night Vision

    Walk around under star-light without tripping

  • Dense Sensor Fusion

    Integrate a dozen smart cameras into an AR holographic theatre

  • Learning Camera

    At the heart of the smart camera is the ability to learn

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